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Aiden and the Haircut

The next stop on Aiden’s journey is a place every kid loves to go… the hairdresser.

Well, maybe not every kid. A trip to Great Clips, however, gave Aiden a chance to visit and thank one of our CMNH partners for the great work that they do for Children’s Hospital at Erlanger every year. Great Clips, a CMNH partner since 2004, has raised over $5.7 million for children’s hospitals all around America!

Locally, our 15 locations rose over $15,000 last year alone through a month-long balloon campaign in October. A quick trip to your local salon on any given day in October will allow you to witness the spectacle of the red and yellow balloons displayed on the front desk, in each salon booth, and anywhere else the hairdressers can fit them!

Our Great Clips location on North Market Street continues to be one of our highest fundraisers, so of course Aiden had to stop by and say hello! The hairdressers even offered to give him a haircut so he can tackle the rest of his day looking like the true Champion he is.