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Celebrate Chinese New Year with Panda Express!

Stop by your nearest Panda Express location to celebrate the Chinese New Year on Friday, February 16, 2018 and support your local CMN Hospital, Children’s Hospital at Erlanger! Remember that all funds raised are currently supporting the Believe campaign to build a NEW children’s hospital right here in Chattanooga!

Did you know?

– Panda Express has been a partner of Children’s Hospital at Erlanger since 2007

– Panda Express raises money for our hospital year round by asking for donations at the register upon check out

– In 2017, our two locations raised $16,348!

Fast Facts about Chinese New Year

– The celebration of Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, dates back thousands of years and is the most important festival in China.

– February 16, 2018 marks the beginning of the Year of the Dog

– Chinese New Year is all about togetherness and is a time when family and friends gather to feast and welcome the new year

– A variety of lucky foods are traditionally eaten for their symbolic meaning surrounding either their Chinese pronunciation or their physical appearance, with individual dishes representing specific aspects of good fortune to come in the new year

– On the last day of the 15-day celebration, thousands of red lanterns can be seen hanging across the sky during the Lantern Festival

We can hear the teriyaki chicken sizzling on the grill now! Yum!

Post your Chinese New Year celebration photos on social media and tag @PandaExpress and @CMNHospitals and use the #PandaCares hashtag!