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A Day in the Life of a Champion

How exactly does a Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Champion choose to spend his day?

Aiden Brown, from Sparta, TN, was chosen as Children’s Hospital at Erlanger’s 2018 Champion. A few years ago, Aiden’s family and friends were enjoying a day on the lake when suddenly he was in the water next to the boat. After being airlifted by Life Force to the hospital, sedated with a breathing tube, doctors started working on Aiden’s severed sternum, lacerated kidney and spleen, skull and jaw fracture, and nearly detached ear as well as other injuries.

Thankfully Aiden’s personality carried him through the ordeal, as he dealt with the situation as though it was an everyday challenge, keeping his care team laughing along the way. That’s just how he is, says his family: always thinking of others. In fact, this remarkable boy wears a bracelet every day: it reads, “I am second.”

Today, Aiden and his family have become outstanding ambassadors for Children’s Hospital at Erlanger. He and his family recently spent a day reconnecting with the doctors that saved his life, visiting and expressing gratitude for our local CMNH partners, and bringing a smile to everyone’s face that he encountered. And now, with the help of Children’s Hospital at Erlanger’s CEO, Don Mueller, Aiden wants YOU to get involved and support our hospital during #ChildrensHospitalsWeek.

Follow this link to find out how, and stay tuned as we journey through a day in the life of a champion!