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Miracle Jubilee: 2019 Miracle Children Announced and Record CMN Hospitals Support!

We’re pleased to announce Coleson Penney, Adalyn Showers, Daniel Tomanelli, and Drew Stargel as our 2019 Miracle Children. These brave families were selected by Erlanger leaders to represent the thousands of kids who are impacted by Children’s Hospitals at Erlanger each year. They will serve as CMN Hospital ambassadors throughout 2019 and bravely share their miracle journeys with the Chattanooga community and CMN Hospitals partners.

CMN Hospitals partners joined us at the inaugural Miracle Jubilee celebration to hear the announcement and watch the 2019 Miracle Child videos highlighting these miraculous journeys.  During the event, it was also revealed that CMN Hospitals efforts achieved record-breaking market fundraising totals this year by raising over $895,000 for Children’s Hospital at Erlanger.

Full miracle child stories and videos will be posted to soon!